Trip Log Report Help

- Version 2.6
1. Update: Added fuel and fuel cost field;
2. Update: Added notes field;
3. Update: Added totals PDF page;
- Version 2.2
1. Bug Fix: Backup and CSV works now if vehicle field is empty (issue on only some phones - works for all phones now);
- Version 2.1
1. Update: Vehicle field added;
- Version 2.0
1. Update: CSV (comma-separated-values) report - now you can email csv report for easy input into Excel or other software.
2. Update: Origin, Destination, Purpose, and Company auto complete - as user is typing into those fields, data history is accessed to auto complete input;
3. Bug Fix: Date inclusion bug fixed;
- Version 1.7
1. Update: DB Backup - user can backup the data on SDCARD. IMPORTANT: When restoring the backup, the system updates all trips with identical IDs. If the trip is modified, it will be restored to previous state. If the trip is deleted, the system inserts the same trip into DB. Newly added trips after the backup will NOT be removed!!!
2. Update: Origin Field - user can enter trip origin;
3. Update: Report in Portrait - to accommodate for additional field, the system exports reports in portrait format;
4. Update: Extended size of purpose field - purpose field can take up to 100 characters so that it can be used as Notes field;
- Version 1.5
1. Update: Enter Total Mileage - user can enter total miles traveled and Trip Log computes ending odometer value;
2. Update: Enter Odometer End - user can quickly enter ending odometer value;
3. Update: Changed application name to Mileage Log;
- Version 1.3
1. Update: Year to Date Report;

Some definitions:

  • Paid/Unpaid Trip - a trip is considered paid if it is marked as paid in the database.
  • Open/Closed Trip - a trip is considered open if odometer end is not set yet (i.e. odometer end is 0).
  • Company - a trip can be made for different companies or purposes - for instance, company can be company name or category like Charity or similar; Company names are CASE SENSITIVE!
These concepts are useful for report filtering. For instance, you can filter trips by paid/unpaid, open/closed, or company name (including all combinations of these three).

Trip Log Application consists of following screens:

  • Start screen - the first screen presented when application is started;
  • Report screen - reporting screen used to present various reports;

Start Screen
Start screen displays all trips (paid or unpaid, open or closed, for all companies).
Following menu options are available:

  • Insert - allows user to insert new trip;
  • Report - switches to Report Screen (see below);
  • Help - launches browser showing this help page;
  • Backup - allows user to backup/restore data onto sdcard;
  • Settings - provides user with options to set following:
    • Name - your name, which will be specified on the PDF report;
    • Currency Symbol - currency symbol that is used on the report (1 character);
    • eMail - eMail address where the report will be emailed (if blank, email address will have to be specified every time report is emailed);
    • Distance unit - specify unit of measure (either miles or kilometers);

In addition, following context menu options are available (using the long-click):

  • Enter Total Mileage - provides user with the option to enter total mileage and then it calculates ending odometer value;
  • Enter Odometer End - provides user with the option to enter quickly ending odometer value;
  • Delete - permanently deletes selected log entry;
  • Edit - opens the edit screen for entry modification;
  • Paid - marks selected log entry as paid;
  • Copy and Paste - creates new log entry from selected entry by populating purpose, destination, company, and rate fields;

Report Screen
Following menu options are available:

  • eMail - shows option to email either PDF or CSV (comma separated values) reports; exports PDF/CSV report onto SD card and attaches it to the email;
  • Update - updates all trips displayed with current report; for example, if the report is set to display all unpaid logs for specific date range, the user can either delete all trips or mark all displayed trips as paid with a single click;
  • Filter - provides user with option to specify filtering based on following:
    • Date range - specify starting and ending date for custom reporting;
    • Paid/Unpaid/All - specify filter based on the trip being already paid or not;
    • Open/Closed/All - specify filter based on the trip being open/closed;
    • Company - specify filter based on company name;
  • Report Type - report can be pulled either by custom date range, or monthly. Monthly reports are pulled based on current date, i.e. if we pull December report in Jan. 2010, then the December report will be for year 2009.